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Past Projects

Agape Women’s Center

(2 Years; Ended in 2001)
Women who are part of a residential drug rehabilitation services learned positive, healthy techniques for interacting with their children through arts and crafts projects while they worked to begin a new life.


All-Aboard Family Literacy

(Ended in 2009)
Assisting the Institute for Child and Family Health to provide mental health and prevention services, League volunteers coordinate and facilitate family literacy nights. They provide dinner and conduct storytelling and thematic activities that encourage children and caregivers to practice both verbal skills and print literacy.

Chairs: Marcia Koo (Chair); Terra Smith (Chair-Elect)


Alonzo Mourning Charities-Honey Shine

(Ended in 2007)
Our League volunteers coordinated and implemented a daylong career and education workshop with speakers and information booths for at-risk girls.

Co-Chairs: Theresa Melement & Mary Prindle

Honey Shine Mentoring Program
Alonzo Mourning Charities, Inc.

P.O. Box 330110
Coconut Grove, FL 33233

Office: (305) 476-0095 x106
Fax: (305) 476-0096


AMI Kids WINGS South Florida – Associated Marine Institute

(Ended in 2010)
Members served as crucial mentors and positive role models to the 20 residents of WINGS FL (Women in Need of Greater Strength for Life). These women are 14-19 year old juvenile offenders who are in different stages of pregnancy. Members will create and implement a series of workshops focused on relevant subjects such as parenting tips and life skills discussions. In addition, monthly group field trips will provide cultural or experiential opportunities for program residents.

Chairs: Colleen Kitchens & Nicole Brown


Big Brothers Big Sisters – Project Reach

(Five years, ended in 2007)
Our League volunteers organized recreational and educational outings for approximately 100 youngsters who are waiting for matches with Big Brother and Big Sister mentors.

Co-Chairs: Kristin Wherry & Beth Painter

Big Brothers Big Sisters (Project Reach)

701 SW 27th Avenue, Suite 800
Miami, Florida 33135

Phone: 305-644-0066
Fax: 305-649-6358


Camillus House

(Ended in 2015)
Junior League volunteers provided women who are homeless with self-esteem building activities, nutritious meals and personal improvement activities. Activities were hosted at the Martha and Mary Wing of the Beckham Hall Emergency Shelter, where the women reside. In addition, JLM members coordinated drives to include: clothing, underwear, bras, towels, sunglasses, flipflops and walking shoes, and personal care kits with items such as soap, toothpaste, wash clothes, and deodorant.


Casa Valentina

(Ended in 2011)
JLM provided funding for the Casa Valentina’s Welcome Home! Initiative to provide starter packages of basic household items to new residents “aging out” of foster care at their 18th birthday.


CHARLEE (Creative Expressions)

(Ended in 2007)
Our League volunteers provided positive role model behavior and planned and assisted in the instruction of art therapy projects at the Gladstone Center for Girls, enabling the girls in foster care to express their feelings and gain self esteem.

Co-Chairs: Diane Doolan & Austin Rivers

CHARLEE Homes for Children

155 South Miami Avenue
Suite 700
Miami, Florida 33130

Administrative Office: (305) 779-9600
Fax: (305) 779-9601


CHARLEE of Dade County, Inc. (Children Have All Rights: Legal, Educational, Emotional)
(Ended in 2015)

It was founded in 1983 through the efforts of the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida, the National Council of Jewish Women and the Junior League of Miami. These dedicated groups of people devoted themselves to finding a better model for foster care. JLM volunteers facilitated programming for life skills for foster kids close to aging out.


CHARLEE (Mentoring Moms)

(Ended in 2007)
Our League volunteers became one-on-one mentors with pregnant teens in a group home, teaching them parenting skills, nurturing and care of oneself, and independent living skills.

Chair: Sandra Nojaim

CHARLEE Homes for Children

155 South Miami Avenue
Suite 700
Miami, Florida 33130

Administrative Office: (305) 779-9600
Fax: (305) 779-9601


Children’s Bereavement Center

(Two years, ended in 2008)
The Children’s Bereavement Center’s mission is to provide community based peer support groups, education, and advocacy for children who have suffered the death of a significant loved one. The League volunteers worked with the Center to provide peer group support to grieving children and their families.

2007-08 Chairs: Christina Hudson & Jennifer Wilson

Children’s Bereavement Center

7600 S. Red Road, Suite 307
South Miami, FL 33143

Phone: 305-668-4902


Centro Campesino Farmworker Center, Inc.

(Ended in 2011)
JLM provided funding for a program which provides community education to decrease childhood obesity and diabetes in the lives of migrant and seasonal farm workers and their children.

Children’s Cultural Connection

(Ended in 2000)
Recognizing that early exposure to fine arts has been demonstrated to have a significant impact on learning ability and on character development, this project sought to unite children of different ethnic, racial, and socio-economic backgrounds through activities and buddy programs.

Co-Chairs: Kara MacCullough & Galia Pennekamp.


Community Smiles

(Ended in 2011)
JLM iprovided for a non-profit dental clinic whose volunteer professionals provide preventative, restorative and highly specialized oral health care to low-income, uninsured women and children of Miami Dade.



(Ended in 2011)
Junior League volunteers visited and provided companionship to elderly female residents as part of a first-of-its-kind-in-Florida initiative. The League members will partner with Coral Gables Community Foundation’s program designed to support at-home living as long as possible.


Domestic Violence is Your Business

Businesses were provided support in developing corporate-level training related to appropriate domestic violence education and awareness programs, corporate policies and procedures, including communication and safety plans.

Chair: Vivianne Wicker.

Press Release

Read JLM Journal Article about DVYB


Family Counseling Services

(Ended 2012)
JLM members work with Family Counseling Services to implement FAST Works. FAST Works consists of mini-community events, held monthly, in which the leadership hierarchy shifts from the FAST staff to the FAST parents. Parents, along with the FAST staff (transitioning to a supporting role), become responsible for the meetings – empowering them to continue as protective sources for their children. JLM members will also help with the creation of a FAST Family Reunion to bring these families together and assist in creating the agenda, implementing the activity, and for the set-up and break-down of these events.


Family Learning Partnership Building a Family of Readers

(Ended in 2002)
Volunteers piloted the Shared Beginnings programs.

Co-Chairs: Carolyn Krissel & Theresa Melement

Family Learning Partnership – Building a Family of Readers

24 hours a day/7days a week hotline: (305) 631-8111


Family Literacy Through Shared Beginnings

(Ended in 2005)
This project focuses on developing family literacy. The Early Childhood Initiative foundation sees family literacy outreach as a major parent skills-building and family empowerment vehicle. The Junior League volunteers participate on the Literacy Coalition Advisory Group, along with other community leaders. This advisory group is charged with establishing a Family Literacy Coalition.

Family Literacy Through Shared Beginnings

24 hours a day/7days a week hotline: (305) 631-8111


Family Resource Center/Hurwit Crisis Nursery

Volunteers planned and implemented a field trip program and worked with smaller children at the nursery.

Co-Chairs: Sara Conde & Ivonne Fleitas-Frank


Foster Care Review

(Ended in 2005)
Volunteers assisted the citizen review panels with gathering specific information from the foster care parents about children in their care.

Co-Chairs: Betty Gilbert & Dana Martorella

Foster Care Review


Girls Advocacy Project (GAP)

(Ended in 2006)
Working with girls in the Miami-Dade County Juvenile Detention Center, volunteers filled the gaps in the Juvenile Justice System. Educational group discussions provided support while assisting girls in improving the decisions they make in their daily lives.

Chair: Katherine Hartmeyer

Girls Advocacy Project (GAP)

3300 NW 27th Ave
Trailer 200 or Rm. 213
Miami, Florida 33142

Phone: 305-638-6221
GAP Office: 305-637-4206


H.E.A.R.T. Program (Health Education, Awareness, Resources and Teaching)

(2007-08 Project) The objective of this project was to fulfill the Junior League of Miami’s first priority and goal of its strategic plan to “maximize community impact within our focus area of ‘families at risk'” and “improve women’s health by supporting selected outreach programs” through a community-based, outreach education to underserved and at-risk women and children in Miami-Dade County.

Chair: Mallorie Berger

Hurwit Teen Moms

(Ended in 2009)
Trained League volunteers engaged in hands-on mentoring of teen mothers in the Hurwit Foster Homes including sessions to teach the teen mothers parenting skills, assist those who are in school with homework, facilitate playgroups for the children and facilitate programs with a focus on the practical reality of becoming trained for the job market.

Chairs: Melissa Tolmach & Cecilia Slesnick


Linda Ray Intervention Center

(Ended in 2011)
League members will partner with the University of Miami’s Department of Psychology in designing and implementing a participatory music program for babies and toddlers who are at risk for poor development outcomes at school entry.


Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired – “Little Lighthouse”

(Ended in 2010) For two years this popular community project provided League volunteers to facilitate playgroups and activities to further develop the skills of the children and parents in the Blind Babies program. League volunteers will also provide social support through weekly sessions with blind and severely visually impaired children.

Chairs: Holly Barnhart & Claudia Alegrett


Our Pride Academy

(Ended in 2015)
Junior League volunteers supported and developed a bi-weekly visual arts class for students with developmental disabilities in order to improve and enhance their creative, social, cognitive and fine motor skills. The program consisted of 10-12 students, between the ages of 8-17.


Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science

(Ended in 2015)
In 1949, The Junior League of Miami’s “Project Finding Committee” determined that Dade County’s children needed a science museum. JLM volunteers acted as museum hosts/docents to facilitate “Family Fun Nights” (FFN) at the museum, which were complimentary events for children and their families as a part of the museum’s “Science Stars” (SS) program.  The SS program included presentations by science experts at various underserved elementary schools, a FFN for students as a follow-up, and a free annual pass to the museum for all families in attendance at the FFN.


Project Lift for the Lotus House

Junior League members coordinate donations of furniture and deliver and set up new apartments for women transitioning into homes of their own from the Sundari Foundation’s Lotus House shelter which serves homeless women and children.


Step Up to the Plate

(Ended in 2010)
Step Up to the Plate–our local expansion of the Association of Junior Leagues International’s Kids in the Kitchen program–worked with Girl Scouts and their families to provide education, advocacy, and hands-on training on food and their health. The project explored many issues that are strands in the web of our complex food system. Whole Foods Lifestyle Center hosted most of our monthly meetings and topics including the role of advertising, community, culture, history, manufacturing and nutrition. Field trips went to Publix and the Redland farming community.

Chairs: Kathleen Duran, Fernande Saintilis (Chair Elect), & Rose Dorsainville (Chair Elect)


Strong Roots Parent and Caregiver Program-UM Kulula Project

(Ended in 2012)
JLM members work with the Kalula Project of the University of Miami to implement the Strong Roots Parent and Caregiver Program. The Strong Roots program aims to educate and assist 50 low-income second and third grade children and their parents/caregivers. It also strives to increase parent/caregiver awareness of the forms of racism, and the skills to engage their children in conversations about racism. Additionally, this program also aims to manage, teach and model behavior to effectively and constructively respond to racism. In doing so, The Kalula Program facilitates a supportive, sharing and healing environment to give and receive support.


Whispering Manes

(Ended in 2015)

Womens’ Healthcare Project

(Ended in 2012)
The Womens’ Healthcare Project focuses on a different area of women’s and children’s health each month to bring awareness to the topic. Committee members participate in the Women’s Breast Health Initiative (WBHI) outreach events for at least 3 of the months. In addition, committee members will educate residents at ITS/ITN on selected women’s and childrens’ health issues as well as facilitate guest speakers on the women’s and children’s health concepts.


YMCA of Greater Miami

(Ended 2012)
At the YMCA location in the Village of Allapattah, League member volunteers, with the guidance of YMCA staff, assist in increasing young children’s motivation to read and building their literacy skills by reading engaging books aloud, followed by developing expressive ways to link the concepts of the books through drama, art, movement, and writing. Additionally, League volunteers participate in YMCA’s Intergenerational Reading Program, which provides senior residents and other community members a meaningful volunteer reading session with children on a weekly basis that incorporates hands-on activities related to readings.


Funded Projects Throughout History

Below is a listing of all the community projects which have received funding and volunteer support for years 1926 through 2014. These figures do not include volunteer hours or contributions made by individual members in support of projects.

Amounts have not been adjusted to reflect value of today’s dollar
Rounded to nearest thousand
1926 to 2014
Organization Total
“Drugs are like that” Film  $ 9,000.00
“Operation Junior” Channel 2 Children’s Show  $ 39,000.00
“Ours is a Tropic Land” Historical Film of Miami  $ 16,000.00
“Save our Alamo”  $ 1,000.00
ACS Winn Dixie Hope Lodge  $ 25,000.00
After School House  $ 3,000.00
Agape Women’s Center  $ 6,000.00
All Aboard Story Hour  $ 9,000.00
All Aboard Tutoring  $ 3,000.00
Alliance for the Aging  $ 1,000.00
America Scores Miami  $  8,000.00
Angel Flight  $ 5,000.00
Art Path  $ 28,000.00
Arts Council  $ 40,000.00
Associated Marine Institute  $ 4,000.00
Big Brothers/ Big Sisters  $ 10,000.00
Books Bring Adventure Radio Program  $ 1,000.00
Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami, Inc.  $ 12,000.00
Camillus House  $ 24,000.00
Casa Valentina  $ 9,000.00
Center for Children & Youth  $ 1,000.00
Centro Campesino Farmworker Center, Inc  $ 2,000.00
Charlee Gladstone  $ 3,000.00
CHARLEE Homes for Children  $ 90,000.00
Child Advocacy  $ 2,000.00
Child Guidance Clinic Research Program  $ 18,000.00
Children’s Bereavement Center  $ 14,000.00
Children’s Cultural Connection  $ 6,000.00
Children’s Home Society of Florida, Inc.  $ 7,000.00
Children’s Psychiatric Center  $ 14,000.00
Children’s Resource Center  $ 5,000.00
Children’s Service Bureau  $ 53,000.00
Children’s Society Service Bureau’s Esquire House  $ 5,000.00
Cities in Schools  $ 7,000.00
Clean Water Restorations  $ 11,000.00
Communications  $ 8,000.00
Communities in Schools  $ 5,000.00
Community Arts & Education  $ 1,000.00
Community Chest Fund  $ 25,000.00
Community Partnership  $ 14,000.00
Community Resource Volunteer Guide  $ 14,000.00
Community Smiles  $ 12,000.00
Community Trust Fund  $ 21,000.00
Computers Connecting Families  $ 3,000.00
Continental Societies, Inc.  $ 8,000.00
Contingency Fund  $ 7,000.00
Coral Gables At Home  $ 1,000.00
Coral Gables Fire Station  $ 13,000.00
Coral Gables House  $ 37,000.00
Council of Social Agencies  $ 6,000.00
Court Advocate Program  $ 7,000.00
Dade County Council of Arts & Sciences  $ 20,000.00
Dade County War Chest  $ 4,000.00
Dade Marine Institute  $ 3,000.00
Dade Public Education Impact II & Resourcemobile  $ 6,000.00
Dance Talk – Ballet for Children  $ 25,000.00
Deaf Services Bureau  $ 2,000.00
Domestic Violence is your Business  $ 6,000.00
Done in a Day  $ 26,000.00
Edison Little River Project  $ 2,000.00
Educate Tomorrow  $ 15,000.00
Enabling Fund Grants  $ 90,000.00
Endowment Fund  $ 40,000.00
Even Start Project  $ 5,000.00
Everglades Exhibit  $ 7,000.00
Every Child Deserves Neat Stuff  $ 2,000.00
Fairchild Tropical Gardens  $ 10,000.00
Family Counseling  $ 4,000.00
Family Learning Partnership  $ 11,000.00
Family Resource Center of South Florida,  $ 3,000.00
Family Service Bureau  $ 1,000.00
Family Visitation Center  $  6,000.00
Florida Breast Initiative  $ 14,000.00
Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center  $ 3,000.00
Friendly Visitors Program  $ 5,000.00
Fun Books Program  $ 1,000.00
GAP – Girls Advocacy Program  $ 7,000.00
GATE – Pride  $ 15,000.00
Girl Scouts  $ 5,000.00
Girls Advocacy Program  $ 7,000.00
Gladstone Center  $ 14,000.00
Good Neighbor Contest  $ 7,000.00
Gov. Challenge Governance  $ 14,000.00
Grand Total  $ 3,333,000.00
Guardian Ad Litem  $ 18,000.00
Habitat for Humanity  $ 12,000.00
Haitian Organization of Women, Inc.  $ 5,000.00
Healthy Habits  $ 4,000.00
Heiken Children’s Vision Fund  $ 7,000.00
Hepatitis B. Immunization  $ 2,000.00
Historic Tours  $ 118,000.00
Historical Association of So. Florida  $ 20,000.00
Historical Association Research Library  $ 20,000.00
Historical Brochures  $ 48,000.00
History of Miami Film  $ 53,000.00
Holiday Bazaar  $ 6,000.00
Homeless Outreach  $ 9,000.00
Homemaker Services, Inc.  $ 6,000.00
Honey Shine Project  $ 3,000.00
Human Relations  $ 4,000.00
Human Resources Project  $ 5,000.00
Humane Society of Greater Miami  $ 6,000.00
Hurwit Crisis Nursury  $ 12,000.00
Hurwit Emergency Shelter Trips  $ 6,000.00
IF  $ 14,000.00
Informed Families  $ 1,000.00
Inn Transition North  $ 654,000.00
Inn Transition South  $ 266,000.00
Inner City Children’s Touring Dance Co.  $ 7,000.00
Inside Track  $ 3,000.00
Jr. Orange Bowl Sports Ability Game  $ 4,000.00
Junior League Advocate Program  $ 40,000.00
Junior League Children’s Home (Children’s Home Society)  $ 50,000.00
Junior League Library at Jackson Memorial Hospital  $ 2,000.00
Kalula  $ 8,000.00
KAPOW  $ 16,000.00
Kid Care  $ 14,000.00
Kids Voting  $ 1,000.00
Kinescopes  $ 1,000.00
Kristi House  $ 32,000.00
Linda Ray Intervention Center  $ 11,000.00
Living With Nature  $ 16,000.00
LUCHA  $ 3,000.00
McLamore Center  $ 4,000.00
Mental Health Society of S.E. Florida  $ 1,000.00
Miami Beach – PAL  $ 5,000.00
Miami Bridge Youth & Family Services  $ 5,000.00
Miami Children’s  $ 1,000.00
Miami Children’s Cookbook  $ 8,000.00
Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation  $ 8,000.00
Miami Children’s Theatre  $ 1,000.00
Miami City Ballet  $ 3,000.00
Miami Lighthouse for the Blind  $ 6,000.00
Miami Magic  $ 15,000.00
Miami Museum of Science & Natural History (Junior  $ 129,000.00
Miami Museum of Science & Space Transit P  $  3,000.00
Miami River Restoration Project “Banks are Beautif  $ 19,000.00
Miami the Magic City – Film  $ 76,000.00
Modello Housing Project  $ 21,000.00
Mother’s Voices  $ 1,000.00
Multimedia  $ 3,000.00
Music & Story Program  $ 4,000.00
National Society to Prevent Blindness – Preschool  $ 11,000.00
Neat Stuff, Inc  $ 5,000.00
No Casinos Committee  $ 1,000.00
Notre Dame D’Hatian Chruch  $ 20,000.00
Occupational Therapy Ward & Day Nursery at JMH  $ 4,000.00
Our Pride  $ 5,000.00
Pace Center for Girls  $ 1,000.00
Parent Resource Center  $ 18,000.00
Parents Anonymous  $ 1,000.00
Partners in Progress  $ 1,000.00
Pioneer Voices  $ 2,000.00
PIP  $ 6,000.00
Plasmas  $ 2,000.00
Project LOVE  $ 2,000.00
Project Reach  $ 34,000.00
Public Education – Impact II  $ 10,000.00
Public Education Awards  $ 2,000.00
Public Education Conference  $ 5,000.00
Pumps, Pearls & Portfolios  $ 4,000.00
Radio Lollipop  $ 4,000.00
Red Cross  $ 2,000.00
Ronald McDonald House  $ 3,000.00
Scholarship Fund  $ 42,000.00
School Based Clinic  $ 5,000.00
Scores Miami  $ 4,000.00
Shake A Leg Miami, Inc.  $ 10,000.00
South Miami Hospital Foundation  $ 4,000.00
Step Up to the Plate  $ 10,000.00
Suited for Success  $ 2,000.00
Sundari Foundation  $ 48,000.00
TEEN  $ 11,000.00
Teen Dating Violence  $ 1,000.00
Television Communications  $ 22,000.00
The Children’s Psychiatric Center, Inc.  $ 3,000.00
Therapy Dogs  $ 1,000.00
Thomas Armour Youth Ballet  $ 18,000.00
Tropical Audubon – Xeriscape  $ 1,000.00
United Fund  $ 6,000.00
University of Miami – Child Protection Te  $ 7,000.00
University of Miami Debbie School  $ 2,000.00
Virginia Slims  $ 5,000.00
Voices for Children Foundation, Inc.  $ 18,000.00
Volunteer Services Bureau of Dade County  $ 22,000.00
W.I.N.G.S. for Life South Florida  $ 4,000.00
Welfare Planning Council  $ 8,000.00
Whispering Manes  $ 6,000.00
WLRN Ready to Learn  $ 3,000.00
Woman to Woman  $ 18,000.00
Women’s Fund of Miami Dade County  $ 5,000.00
Women’s Health Care  $ 3,000.00
YMCA  $ 12,000.00
YWCA  $ 16,000.00