“Busy As Bees” at the Miami Science Museum

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Volunteers from the Junior League of Miami were as ‘busy as bees’ last weekend, as they completed a Done-In-A-Day project at the Miami Science Museum, helping the Museum to continue the development of its early childhood space, the Discovery Room.  The volunteers helped create crafts and activity kits for the Museum’s Busy Buzzing Bees curriculum, part of a series of Early Childhood Hands-On Science (ECHOS) curriculum modules specially designed to support playful science learning among very young children. The volunteers created and painted large hexagons for a beehive model, designed large flowers to be used in helping kids learn about how bees find flowers, and constructed bee antennae headbands which the children use in dramatic play that helps them learn how bees use their antennas to recognize different smells and locate their hives.  The volunteers also prepared a series of activity bins containing materials that parents can use in the Discovery Room with their children to encourage independent hands-on learning. Next on the agenda for the Discovery Room is an ‘observation bee hive’ that allows children to see the bees at work. We’ll give you a ‘buzz’ when it’s ready!

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