Public Stand and Positions

The Junior League of Miami Advocacy Committee has three pillars:

1. Advocate for specific legislation at the state and national levels that is relevant to our key issue areas.

2. Educate our members about advocacy and public policy.

3. Coordinate the exchange of information from community-based League projects to policymakers.

The Junior League of Florida SPAC (State Public Affairs Committee) takes action on state and national issues that affect our projects, priority issue areas and communities primarily by supporting legislation that we have identified as being critical to the work of our member Leagues, their community partners, and the lives of Florida women, children and families. We select legislation that aligns with our Position Statements which are reviewed and updated annually.

For the upcoming 2023 legislative session, SPAC will be focusing its advocacy efforts on directives that reduce the statewide poverty rate and specifically those that reduce the under-18 rate. Other recent priority issue areas have included at-risk youth, education, child safety and welfare, and health and hunger. Legislative reform in these areas has accomplished the following:

  • Helped support the passing of Tax Exemption for Diapers and Incontinence Products.
  • Supports an increase in civic and mental health initiatives; including the expansion of the Florida Civics and Debate Initiative.
  • Helped support the passing of Financial Literacy Instruction in Public Schools.
  • Helped support the passing of the donor human milk bank services programs for vulnerable youth.
  • Helps victims of human trafficking.
  • Creates more restrictions and increased penalties for sexual offenders and traffickers.

In recent years, we have also supported aging out of foster care reform, the eradication of food deserts to help decrease family homelessness and hunger, legislation on cybercrimes related to sexual images of children sent electronically, and many more issues.