Excerpts from First Minutes



“On Tuesday, July 14, 1925 the first meeting of the Miami Organization of Junior League Girls was held at eleven o’clock at the home of Mrs. Hamilton Hart, 183 SW [SE] 14 Street with the following girls present: Mrs. Hamilton Hart, Mrs. William Bedell, Mrs. Lips Adams, Mrs. Edgar Upton, Mrs. Jack Dinaswry, Mrs. Hollis Bush, Mrs. David Crawford, Mrs. James March, Mrs. Halliday, Mrs. Leland Breckenridge.

Mrs. Raymond, head of the Community Council of Miami, spoke on the work of the council and urged the girls to help with the daily call for volunteer workers. Mrs. Baily, head of the Child Welfare work of the city, spoke of the need for volunteer service in that field.

After luncheon a business meeting was held. Officers were elected for the year 1925-26:

  • Mrs. Edward Upton – President
  • Mrs. David Crawford – Vice President
  • Mrs. Leland Breckenridge – Secretary
  • Mrs. Hamilton Hart – Treasurer

Following general discussion on the ways and means of obtaining a Miami chapter of the Junior League it was moved and seconded that Mrs. Upton write to Mrs. George Braum, the National President, that there were 24 former League girls living in Miami who wanted to form a new chapter. Mrs. Upton was also given the right to tell Mrs. Braum that should the said charter be granted when National Board met in the fall, the Miami Chapter would take in no new girls for the year.

It was moved and seconded that until the Miami Chapter was granted by the National Board, we would call ourselves The Miami Organization of Junior League Girls.

… It was decided to hold meetings on Tuesday afternoons at 2:30, the next one to be held Tuesday, July 21, at the home of Mrs. Leland Breckenridge, 1606 Drexel Avenue, Miami Beach at 2:30.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
V. B. Breckenridge, Sect.

JULY 21, 1925

… It was moved by Mrs. Hart, seconded by Mrs. Leurs that we have a gift shop for financing the League. Motion carried. …

The following committees were appointed by the President:


  • Shop
  • Holiday
  • Publicity
  • Dance
  • Bridge

MARCH 2, 1926

… Moved by Mrs. Crawford and seconded by Mrs. Bedell hat there be a fine of 50¢ for absence without excuse and a fine of 25¢ for tardiness of more than one half hour. …

APRIL 19, 1927

An executive board meeting of the Miami Organization of Junior League Girls was held at the home of Mrs. Bush on Tues. April 19. Letter from Mrs. Hickmurow [?] was read informing the organization that we were elected to the Association of Junior Leagues of America …

APRIL 26, 1927

The last meeting of the Miami Junior League was held at the home of Mrs. Alfred McCarthy on Tues. April 26 at 10:30 a.m.

The letter from Mrs. Hickmurow informing the President Mrs. Bush that our organization had been elected to the Association of Junior Leagues of America was read by the Secretary. The Constitution and Bylaws were read and discussed with no suggestions for changes. … Mrs. Bush reported that Mrs. Douglas had asked the League to sponsor the Ball at the Cinderella for the benefit of the Flood sufferers on Wednesday night, April 27.* The League voted that we accept the sponsorship.

Discussion followed as whether to assist on the University Stadium drive. Moved by Mrs. Holliday, seconded by Mrs. Yates that we take no part in the drive.

One dollar per member was asked for subscriptions to the Junior League Bulletin. This to be sent to New York at once.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Clayton Yates, Secretary Pro Tem.”

* The Cinderella Ballroom was a dance hall in downtown Miami.