JLM Headquarters

Winner of the 2009 “City Beautiful Award” for Historic Preservation

The Junior League of Miami’s two-story miniature “Venetian Palace” was designed by George Fink in 1923 and built for Patrick Bennett in 1925 by George Merrick’s Coral Gables Construction and Supply Company at a cost of $30,000. It was the first commercial building constructed in Coral Gables and is the only remaining example of this type of commercial building west of City Hall. The painting here is 713 Biltmore Way, Coral Gables, painted by Angela Hoppe.

In its early years, the building housed several businesses including a haberdashery, a liquor store, a restaurant, and a hotel. From 1963 to 1965, the building was closed and said to have been a “haven for hippies.” In 1975, interior designer David Trout purchased the building and created two first class apartments through a $200,000 renovation project. After Mr. Trout met an untimely death, funeral parlor owner W.L. Philbrick acquired the property for the development of his historical library. Philbrick deeded the building to the Miami Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution in 1981; the SAR used the building as their headquarters until 1995.

The JLM purchased the building on December 28, 1995, to serve as its permanent headquarters. Extensive renovation was required to bring the building in compliance with current building code and fire safety requirements. We were fortunate also to locate and preserve some key historic features of the building.

The front door is historic and was found on site during demolition. In addition, we discovered Dade County pine flooring which was painstakingly restored and now covers the entire reception area. On the second floor facing Biltmore way, we reclaimed the original porch area which had been enclosed during one of the building’s many “updates.” The historic iron railing around the stairway has been preserved and slightly modified to comply with safety code requirements.

The first and second floors of the building have been completely reconfigured to maximize space. On the first floor, we constructed two offices, a fax/copy/mail room, a kitchenette, a handicap accessible bathroom, a board room and an elevator. The rear glass “atrium” area has been removed and reconfigured as a garden and handicap accessible entrance. Handicap parking is available in the back of the building. The second floor now has a full kitchen and lounge area, a large storage area, a handicap accessible bathroom, and a community meeting room.

The League’s historic furniture has been refinished and the upholstered pieces have been recovered using donated fabrics. The end result is that our Headquarters is both functional and beautifully decorated.

The major donors to this project are listed on the wall in the reception area. We are indebted to those individuals, businesses, and foundations who have made this restoration possible. We are especially thankful for the vision of Thorn Grafton, project architect, and the perseverance of Teamwork Construction, our project contractors.

We look forward to a long and prosperous future our special building as we fulfill our mission of service to this community.




The HQ BOD has been busy sprucing up our historic building. The past months have seen numerous improvements including:

  • re-staining the front door
  • repairing, sanding and re-staining the wood floors
  • cleaning, filling and sealing the marble floors
  • repairing walls and areas damaged by water intrusion and roof leaks
  • repainting baseboards
  • touch up painting of walls throughout the building
  • replacement of broken exterior light fixtures
  • garden and landscape refurbishment
  • repair of roof leaks
  • repair of air conditioning system

Phase IV Renovation

The scope of the Phase IV renovation will include replacing all existing windows in the building, with the exception of the glass windows at the front of the building, with impact resistant glass windows. Weight bearing issues preclude the replacement of the windows to the front of the building so in the event of a hurricane we will continue to place existing shutters in these areas. The exterior of the building will have all cracks and holes repaired then the building will be sealed and repainted.

Plan of Action

Thorn Grafton, the grandson of Kay Pancoast, JLM President 1939-40, and the original architect associated with Phases I, II and III of the building’s renovation, has been contacted and the plans which he drew in 2004 have been procured. The structural engineering firm Douglas Wood and Associates currently has the plans and is preparing structural engineering calculations for the impact glass windows.
The Junior League and JLM HQ are currently discussing various methods for funding the Phase IV renovation. These ideas include but are not limited to:

  • The Junior League of Miami, Inc. granting funds to JLM HQ Inc. from the proceeds of the sale of ITN.
  • JLM HQ Inc. adding on to the existing loan
  • JLM HQ Inc. conducting a capital campaign.
  • JLM HQ Inc. seeking grant resources




In 1996 we embarked upon an ambitious Four Phase plan to purchase and renovate 713 Biltmore Way. We have successfully completed the first three phases, and appreciate the vision of Thorn Grafton, the grandson of Kay Pancoast, JLM President 1939-40, who is our project’s architect. Now we are embarking upon Phase IV which will ensure the building’s integrity for many years to come.

Phases I, II and III involved extensive renovation which was required in order to bring the building in compliance with current building code and fire safety requirements. During these phases we were fortunate to locate and preserve key historic features of the building.


As with any historic structure, time and weather continue to take its toll. Our building is no different, and we have ongoing water leak challenges. The scope of Phase IV renovation will include:

  • Replacing all existing windows in the building, with the exception of the glass windows at the front of the building, with impact resistant glass aluminum clad windows. Weight bearing issues preclude the replacement of the windows to the front of the building so in the event of a hurricane we will continue to place existing shutters in these areas.
  • The exterior of the building will have all cracks, fissures and holes repaired then the building will be sealed and repainted.


Phase IV will cost $200,000. The Junior League of Miami has taken the first step and generously gifted JLM HQ $50,000 from unused cumulative administrative funds. This gift and every other dollar that we raise will apply toward an upcoming Miami-Dade County Historic Preservation matching grant for which the JLM HQ, Inc. is applying. The remainder of the funds will be raised through private donations, corporations and foundations. Our contractor is SouthBay Builders, and work has commenced on this project and will be finished by September 1, 2008.

As with any endeavor, it will take numerous individuals working together to meet our goal. Donations of $2,000 and higher are permanently recognized on a commemorative wall at Headquarters, where donors to this project since 1996 are listed.

Please join us by contributing to this effort to ensure the future of the Junior League of Miami’s historic headquarters by making a donation today (coming soon). We’d love to hear from you!



The Headquarters Capital Campaign of the Junior League of Miami gratefully acknowledges these gifts and donations received as of May 24, 2000. (For inquiries and corrections, contact the president of the HQ Inc. Board Kathleen Slesnick Kauffman.)

Make a gift to the JLM Headquarters


Dorothy Collins Weaver
The Estate of Evelyn Grubbs Maxwell
Bureau of Historic Preservation, Division of Historical Resources,
Florida Department of State
Junior League of Miami’s Headquarters/Historic Preservation Fund


Jayne Harris Abess
Alvah H. & Wyline P. Chapman Foundation, Inc.
Lindy Barben Colson
The Ruth & August Geiger Charity Foundation
Henry L. and Kathryn Mills Charity Foundation
Karen Peterson Throckmorton


Beryl L. Cesarano (Bunty) in memory of Roma Pape Swanson & Nina Park Hopkins
Paulette & Bernard Darty
Anne E. Helliwell/Helliwell Family Foundation
Virginia Smith Mead
The Alex & Agnes O. McIntosh Foundation
Shirley H. Rogers
Evelyn Pretlow Rutledge


Sandy and Wade Adams in memory of Lamar McKey Adams
Shelly & Richard Bermont
Julia Rea Bianchi
Maggie Maessen Blake
Sylvia Shaw Blount
Sylvia Shaw Blount in memory of Vivian Riggs Shaw
Marge Lockhart Bolton
Betty Brody
Jennifer Stearns Buttrick
Laura S. Decker/The Baker Foundation
Babe Dowlen & Johanna Hoehl
Ernst & Young LLP
Priscilla & Arnold Greenfield in honor of Helen M. Moss & in memory of Sadie S. Salley
Kathy & Tom Hewitt in honor of our mothers
The House of Huston Foundation, Inc. in memory of Minnie B. Huston
Elizabeth Johnson in honor of her mother, Janice Cresap Pryor
Claudia C. Kitchens
Susan & Joseph P. Klock, Jr. in honor of Rosemary Usher Jones
Nancy McLamore
Virginia D. McNaughton
Lamar Adams-Jackson & Martha Miller
Susan Janeway Moll
Nancy Lomax Leslie & Sallie Creel Quillian
Pamela F. Poulos
Muriel Lynch Rizzo in memory of Betty Roney Fitzpatrick & Paula Paulsen Baker
Peggy Brotherton Sapp
Laurie Candler Schobelock
Jeannett Slesnick
Lynn Mobley Summers
Amy & Ken Sussman
Leana Vastine Marks
The Villagers Inc.
Vivianne Wicker
Mary Young



Deborah Ann Augenstein
Mary Babcock
Linda Buerman
Ann Cincotta
Louisa Candler Eldredge
Lane Convey, Marilyn Hicks and Mary Frances Irvin in memory of Carol Brawner
Martha Rogers Haas in honor of Pamela F. Poulos
Margaret Dewey Hicks
Home Financing Center, Claudine Wheeler
Peggy A. O’Halleran Hudson
JoAnne Matthews
Barbara Hinterkopf/Kristine Michael of South Miami
Betty Pankey & Beth Lotspeich in memory of Rosabel Quillian
Betty Bowen Purvis
Alexandra Catelina Ruiz
Betsy Tilghman
United States Sugar Corporation
Laura Walker
Mimi Leffler Warren in memory of Lucille Brady Lind Blake, Harriet White McCarthy, & H. Cornelia Leffler
Teresa Zohn

HEADQUARTERS PATRONS (Gifts of $500 – $999)

Carla Anderson
Holly Battle
Phyllis Battle
Elizabeth L. Beddall
Bunty Cesarano in memory of Hathaway Rinehart
Andrea and Carlton Cole in memory of Evelyn Grubbs Maxwell
Lane Convey
Coral Gables Firefighters Benevolent Association, Inc.
Deborah Corbishley
Peggy Groves
Hilb, Rogal & Hamilton Co.
Luisa Kelly
Mary Lynch
Patricia E. McConnell & Sandra C. McConnell
Margaret C. MacDonald
Patricia McNaughton
Jan Morrison in honor of Lindy Colson’s Presidency
Janice Pryor
Karie Ross
Andrea Sharp
Sheryl A. Shoup
Jana Sigars-Malina
Claire Eldredge Weber in honor of Louisa C. Eldredge



All In One Technology
Allied Fire Protection, Inc.
Bacardi-Martini USA, Inc.
Buckler Architects
Borders Framing
C.P.F. Drywall, Inc.
Natalia Cacicedo
Carroll’s Jewelers
Cherie Cole
City National Bank
Cole Appraisal
Copy Express
de Castro Marble
Sissy DuBois & Joy Claussen of Resurrections
Farrey’s Lighting & Bath
Fine Art Lamps
Fowler, White, et. al.
Gardner’s Marketplace
Thorn Grafton, Architect
Mary Frances Hipp
Interface Flooring Systems
JoAnna’s Marketplace
Le Festival
Lorraine Letendre
M&M Upholstery
Lucille P. Markey Charitable Trust
Leonard Parker Company
Parties by Pat
Peltons Landscaping
Restaurant St. Michel
Smith Barney
Stewart, Tilghman,
Fox & Bianchi, P.A.
Tamargo Refinishing & Restorations
Teamwork Construction
Trial Graphix
Les, Dereck, & Sondra Space
Vintage Liquor
Elaine Worley
William Bodenhamer & Company
Inker’s Your Printing Place
Withers Transfer and Storage


Cheryl Ackerman
Susan Adams
Barbara and Robert Alderman
Lisa Guanci Allen in memory of Tucci Guanci, my Grandmother
Jennifer Ananiadis
Joy Anderson
Architectural Antiques
Craig & Monique Armbrister
Lisa Armbrust
Mary McCall Armstrong
Laura & Jack Barker
Sybil Barkett
L. Archer Barry
Molly Baumberger
Michele Battle
Barbara Becker
Thorne Beckham
Connie Bischoff in memory of Ronni Bermont
Eugenia Collins Blackwell
Berta Blecke
Stacy Bolduc
Virginia Peck Borden in memory of Minnie Bullock Huston and Mary Dodd Russell
Kimberly Brigham in memory of Virginia Peeler Green – Past President of Junior League of El Paso, Texas
Barbara Broeder
Brower, Pennekamp & Lynch
Linda Blackburn Brown
Linda D. Brown in memory of Roma Pape Swanson
Melissa Brown
Natalie Brown
Barbara Putman Buhler in memory of Sadie M. Salley
Josephine Burke
Debbie Burman
Marta Bustamante in memory of Beth I. Dunn
Mary Cagle
Kate Callahan
Deborah D. Campbell
Ana Cantero
Patti Ann Carico
Jane Chadwick
Marilyn J.W. Cesarano
Sharon W. Cesarano
Mona Chanouha
Alvah & Betty Chapman in memory of Milbrey W. Mackle
Sarah Clasby
Karen Clement
Nancy Clements
Sally Clark
Kolleen Cobb
Lynda Colaizzi
Sharon Collins
Cherie Cole
Nancy Cole
C.L. Conroy
Carole Cookson
Deborah Corbishley, Sandra Cummings, Dale Dowlen, Elizabeth Marcus, and Karen McCammon in memory of Mary Dodd Russell
Jodi Costello
Tracy Gaskins Courtney
Monica Cronin
Eleanor C. Crowder in memory of Elizabeth Sutton Messer
Lyn Culbertson in memory of Anne Dunwody
Donna Cullen
Sandra Cummings in memory of Lamar M. Adams Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Cummings in memory of Marie Smith “Babe” Dowlen
Ashley Cusack
Elizabeth Dalton in honor of The Counseling Ministry of South Florida, Inc.
Gail Dane
Sue Collier Daniel
Martha Dare
Michelle Davidson
Jean-Rowntree Davis
Martha Dawes
Caverly Day
Jane N. deCardenas
Leslie Deehl in honor of Grace Deehl
Stephanie Demox
Randi Cox Deschamps
Patricia DeNovio
Joan Dewart
Amy Diaz in memory of Katie Hayberg & in memory of Richard Castle
Barbara Dickason
Joyce Dickerson
Thomasina Diggs
Julie E. Dill
Kelly Domnick
Katy Doten
Nancy Douglas
Carolyn DuBois
Dorothy Ashe Dunn in memory of Roma Pape Swanson
Erin B. Dupree
Anna Laura Ehlert in memory of Marjorie Swift
Betty B. Elliott in honor of Gladys H. Bishop
Madalyn Epstein
Garth Rosemond Fairbairn in honor of Alice Estill Rosemond
Maida B. Farrar
Marianne Farrey
Paula S. Fay
Marta N. Fernandez in memory of Ronni Bermont
Sherry Fonts
Ozelia Fowler
Allison Freeland
Holly Freyre
Wendy Friedman
Michele M. Frisbee
Beatrice Garner
Bea Gardner
Tami S. Gautier
Sara Oltmans George
Jeannette Golding
Cheryl Goldstein
Nancy R. Gray in honor of Pamela Poulos
Maureen Gragg
Adele Graham
Suzanne C. Graham in honor of Milbrey W. Mackle
Elizabeth Green
Nancy P. Halula
Tamara Hartnett
Anna Grüner-Hegger
Rebecca Guilford
Cristina Gutierrez
Lori Haas
Susan L. Hajek
Margaret Haley in honor of James Kendall Valentini
Nancy Halula
Kate Hamer
Anne Hampton
Nancy Handler
Andria Hanley
Barbra Hayes Harley
Alix Leslie Harper
Angela Suzanne Harrison
Sally Hartenstein
Michelle Hartman
Lori L. Harvey
Judy Hatfield
Barbara Heim
Linda Johnson Heinl
Joëlle Marie Helstein
Sara B. Herald
Elizabeth M. Hernandez
Caroline A. Herndon
Dawn & Gery Herwood
Jean Hester
Susan Hinson in honor of Phyllis Hickey Jaeger
Mary Frances Clarke Hipp in honor of James William Hipp
Deborah Hohler
Patricia H. Holdcraft in memory of Mary Dodd Russell
Nina Hill Hopkins in memory of Nina Parke Hopkins
Betsy Hoover in memory of Layne Lucas Kendall
Diana Huling and Nail Pizazz
Kathryn Hutchinson
Ann Ioannides
Barbara Jamerson in memory of Layne Lucas Kendall
Gloria Johnson
Linda Johnson
Pamela Baker Johnson in memory of Pauline Paulsen Baker
Elizabeth Jones
Susan Jones
Carolyn C. Kahl in memory of Mr. Robert Beasley
Ann R. Kashmer & Lee Price
Betty Kaynor
Mary Kays
William and Lynn Kerdyk
Carol Anne Kinzel
Jane M. Kerestes
Laura Kline
Deborah Korge
Susie Krissel
Mary Alice Kubit
Christine Kurtz-White in memory of Christine Frix Holt & Jane Simmons Keen
Keith Landon in honor of Anne K. Landon Dannacher
Katherine Lary in memory of Lamar Adams Jackson
Ana M. Lasher
Sharon S. Lassar
Mr. & Mrs. John Lederman
Bernice Leffler
Anne Lenart-Redmond
Susan Lerner
Garlin Lewis in memory of Babe Dowlen
Lucille Lewis
Lynn Liddell
Martha Limner
Catherine W. Lloyd in memory of Milbrey Mackle & Martha Powell
Cathy Lorie
Beth Lotspeich
Meg Luebke
Charlotte Luer
Vicki Lopez Lukis
Mr. & Mrs. Sylvester Lukis
Martha Lummus
Mary K. Lynch in memory of Sissy Duboise
Maggie MacDonald
Pamela F. Macia
Carolina Powell Macias
Jackie Martin
Keyla Martinez
Sherry Martinez-Fonts
Maria Martucci
Rebecca Roper Matkov
Jo Anne Matthews
Elizabeth McCarthy
Arva Parks McCabe
Susan McCallion
Martha McGee
Linda & Olin McKenzie
Jan Shoemaker Means
Cristina Mendoza in honor of Cristina Myles Edmunds
Isabel Merritt in memory of Ronni Bermont
Linda Mers
Angel Michaels in memory of Sissy DuBois
Martha T. Miller in memory of Lamar Jackson & Babe Dowlen
Meredith Mills
Ruth Mims
Mary Liz Montgomery
Cindy Moran
Sheldon Salley Morehead in memory of Sadie S. Salley
Carmen Morina
Lena Moylan
Meg Muller
Mary J. Munroe in memory of Mary Dodd Russell
Brenda M. Murphy
Ruth Dowell Myers in memory of Christine Frix Holt & Jane Simmons Keen
Virginia Smathers Myers
Margaret Nee
Kristin M. Nemec
Kathy Nettleton
Sue Nichols
Lea A. Nickless
Betsy Nyhart
Alison O’Keefe
Katy O’Neil
Elizabeth G. Oliver
Leslie Olle
Carol Otto
Debra Owens
Arva Moore Parks
Gail Pinon
Susan Pacheco
Pamela M. Palma
Betty Pankey
Lyn Pannone
Betty K. Park in memory of Layne Lucas Kendall & Mary Dodd Russell
Morgan Park in memory of Margaret Morgan Kirksey
Amy Parker
Betty Ann Parker
Elizabeth Parker
Julia Parker
Lee Parker
Mary S. Patterson
Gail Payne
Laura Payne
Sally S. Pearlson
Jennifer Schofield Peña in honor of Shirley P. Schofield
Jeani Pennekamp
Charete B. Plummer
Deborah A. Porter
Jessica Ann Bennett Porto
Dale Poster-Ellis
Donna Potolsky
Susan E. Powell, Mary Lee Brooks, Jennifer Brooks, and Lisa Hines in memory of Martha B. Powell
Susan Powell in memory of Milbrey W. Mackle
Kim Prebish
Terri Prestage-White
Dorothy D. Prevatt
Catherine Proenza
Jenine S. Pulice
Betty Purvis in memory of Evelyn Grubbs Maxwell
Debora Radosevich
Mary Pickard Reinertson
Rikki Ricciardelli
Melissa A. Rice
Helen Rich
Leslie Rivera
Betsy Robbins in memory of Mary Frances Robbins
Alison Robinson
Laura Hicks Roberts
Janine D. Robinson
Jennifer Robinson
Magita Rojas in honor of Joachim von Lukowicz
Elaine Doyle Rosemond
Maggie Rossi in memory of Sissy DuBois
Debra B. Rotolante
Carrie Ruiz in honor of Yolanda Ruiz
Melissa M. Ruth
Romi Salerno
Sadie S. Salley
Janice Sands
Elaine F. Schofield
Joanne Norman Schulte
Kathy Schulte-Moorman in honor of Joanne Schulte &
in memory of Carla Atkins Schulte
Linda Scopetta
Gail Scott
Daniel & Carolyn Seckinger
Alex Segal
Frances T. Shaffer, Susan E. Powell, & Sandra K. Cummings in memory of Sadie Spencer Salley
Susan G. Shelley
Edith Shuey
Phyllis Sitek
Kimberly Smith
Margaret Smith
Linda Lynch Smoak in memory of Priscilla Benford
Florida State Sons of the American Revolution
Luis and Leann Soto
Isela Sotolongo
Sondra C. Space
Susan Parker Sparks
Liz Stack
Nancy Sanders Starr in memory of Rosa L. Mead
Marty Steinberger
Mimi Stieglitz
Andrea Fay Stringos
Daphne Stroud
Kay Chandler Sullivan in memory of Mildred L. Chandler
Leslie Swan
Melody Swift
Betty H. Taylor in memory of Roma Pape Swanson & Nina Park Hopkins
Linda “Cookye” Taylor
Misty Taylor
Marcia Timm
Marie R. Toussaint
Leslie Townsend
Cheryl Nelson Trane in memory of Ronni Bermont
Charlotte Anderson Trawick
Maria C. Velez
Lolly Vieth
Carol H. Walker
May L. Warren
Kristine Webster-Sanchez
Nardis Weldon in memory of Malcolm “Mac” Weldon
Isabelle A. Wheeler
Bonita Whithead
Vicki C. Williamson
Hildee Wilson
Laura C. Wilson
Lisbeth Wilson in memory of Sissy duBois & Babe Dowlen
Wendy Wilson
Holly Wise
Libby M.L. Witherspoon
Kim Wood
Sarah G. Woods
Elaine Worley
Catherine Schaeffer Wright
YMCA of Greater Miami
Peri Zanelli
1995/96 JLM Board of Directors in honor of Jayne Harris Abess
1996/97 JLM Board of Directors in memory of Evelyn Rea
1997/98 JLM Provisional Class in honor of Michele Battle
Elizabeth Briant Bishop Memorial Doors
Mrs. I.S. Bell, Jr.
Marianne Bishop
Maggie Maessen Blake
Karen Boyd
Linda Brown
Barbara Buhler
Ann Cincotta
Andrea Lynch Cole
Paula Fay
Anne E. Helliwell
Betsy Hoover
Mrs. Otis Jones
Ann Kashmer
Luisa Kelly
Jane Kerestes
Claudia Kitchens
Mary Alice Kubit
Mrs. Howard Kurtz
Christine Kurtz-White
Lynn Liddell
Kimberly Lopez
Cathy Lorie
Patricia Marciniak
Rebecca Roper Matkov
Sally Matson
Deborah R. Mayo
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Susan S. McGrath
Linda June Mers
Susan Janeway Moll
Motherlode Investment Club
Patricia Murphy
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Ellen Oppenheimer
Lyn Pannone
JoWanda Peterson
Leslie Rivera
Andrea Fay Stringos
Melody L. Swift
Elizabeth B. Tilghman
Roberta H. Turner
Heather V. White
1996/97 JLM Board of Directors