Women Who Make A Difference

Save the Date! Join us on Saturday, April 20, 2024 at The Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables.

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JLM Past Presidents in attendance (L-R): Ceci Slesnick, Karen Key, Lauren Harrison Brown, Candace Tejidor, Debbie Koch, Michelle Ramirez Patricios, Hon. Leanne Tellam, Loretta Nido, Katie Lane Arriola, Dana Martorella

Each year, the Junior League of Miami hosts a spring event to recognize several outstanding women who exemplify the League’s mission of promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities. These women have made a positive contribution to Miami and/or the surrounding communities. At least one woman must be a JLM Sustaining Member.

Proceeds from this event will support programs focused on women and children at risk. Individual and corporate support will fund our community projects and signature programs. For more than 90 years, the Junior League of Miami, Inc. and the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) has worked at the forefront of social reform, tackling the toughest and most critical issues of the day — including childhood nutrition and obesity, human trafficking, foster care, juvenile justice, teen self-esteem, cybercrimes, literacy, and the environment, among others — for the purpose of enhancing the social, cultural, and political fabric of civil society. As a result of this work, JLM and AJLI — and the more than 125,000 women in over 290 communities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico who comprise its ranks — has amassed an archive of tangible results and a reputation as thoughtful and influential change agents dedicated to the public good.



Tania Andre
Lauren Harrison Brown
Leanne Tellam
Laura Weiss Nuell
Ellen Bowen
Anne Helliwell
Symeria Hudson
Erin Dolan Knight
Kerry-Ann Royes
Claudia de la Cruz
Susan Lerner
Rebecca Fishman Lipsey
Connie Kinnard
Mary Bradley Shafey
Maria Clara Harrington
Lileana de Moya
Ana Veiga Milton
Becky Roper Matkov
Tina Brown
Katherine Fernandez Rundle
Michelle Ramirez–Patricios
Anita Uppaluri
Lubby Navarro
Victoria Cummock
Arva Moore Parks
Lynn Summers
Nancy Bachelor
Alexandra Villoch
Shannon Allen
Meg Daly
Betty Lopez-Castro
Maria C. Alonso
Melissa Medina
Deborah Korge
Kim Bonomo
Jennifer D. Ellis, Esq.
Regina Jollivette Frazier
Bunchy Gernter
Virginia Jacko
Sandy Skelaney
Wansley Walters
Lea Black
Lauren Book
Kathleen Kennedy-Olsen
Amy Rosenberg
Risa Berrin
Gina Russ
Marie-Ilene Whitehurst
Mary Young
Lourdes Castillo de la Pena
Sabrina Cohen
Claudia Kitchens
Edith Osman, Esq.
Tim Carroll-Scott, MD, FAAP
Caryn Lubetsky, Esq.
Trudy Novicki, Esq.
Ruth Wiesen
Trish Bell
Yolanda Berkowitz
Thelma Gibson
Peggy Sapp
Judy Barr
Constance Collins
Katherine Ezell
Sister Sheila Foy
Kimba Gosier
Melanie Emmons Damian
Virginia Emmons
Nancy T. Hector
Christina McKinnon
Ellen Shishko
Georgina Angones
Paula Brockway
Karen Fryd
Sharon Langer
Clara Pascal
Julia Bianchi
Carol Berns
Mindy Cassel
Lee Klein
The Honorable Bonnie Rippingille
The Honorable Jeri Beth Cohen
Carolyn Jenkins-Jaeger
Sister Camille Saieh
Jennifer Valoppi
Berta Blecke
Silvia Fortun
Dr. Lumane Pluviose-Claude


Past Committee Chairs

  • 2023: Maddie Guillard
  • 2022: Jillian Kuehl
  • 2021: Merdochey LaFrance, Jacklyn Dadas-Kraper, Jillian Kuehl
  • 2020: Candace Tejidor and Taylor Abess
  • 2019: Monique Lavender Greenberg and Megan DeMilia
  • 2018: Christine Trucoo and Raquel Zuniga
  • 2017: Meg McIntosh and Mary Jane Dacek
  • 2016: Silvia Corral and Rosemary Hartigan
  • 2015: Jessica Delgado, Amanda Kinney and Laura Preuss-Kuhne
  • 2014: Kim Sarkisian
  • 2013: Jennifer Cohen and Corinne “Coki” Guerra
  • 2012: Amanda Kessler and Lauren Billingslea Dowlen
  • 2011: Amber Seidle-Lazo, Luly Sixto-Yero and Michelle McClaskey
  • 2010: Bibi Cruz-Ledón Sears, Marlene Fernandez-Karavetsos and April Pizzo
  • 2009: Ali Nason-Aymerich and Teresa Thornberg
  • 2008: Melissa Tolmach and Lauren Billingslea Dowlen
  • 2007: Vicky Hucks and Jen Green
  • 2006: Betty Lopez-Castro and Christina Urena
  • 2005: Alise Johnson and Michelle Ramirez-Patricios
  • 2004: Lauren Harrison Genovese
  • 2003: Loretta Nido and Lauren Harrison Genovese
  • 2002: Cheryl Goldstein and Karen Key Cabrera