Junior League of Miami Scholarship

Recognizing young women in the Miami-Dade community for their superior community service involvement and academic achievements.




The Junior League of Miami, Inc. is proud to sponsor The Junior League of Miami Scholarship awarded to four female, high school seniors in the Miami-Dade County Public School System, who have exhibited superior community service involvement during their high school careers, while maintaining high academic achievement. Two of the three scholarships will be awarded in honor of Kathryn Menke Miller, one scholarship will be administered by the Junior League of Miami with funds provided by The Uppaluri Family Foundation, and one scholarship will be awarded on behalf of Mary Bradley Shafey.


The Junior League of Miami Scholarship – In Honor of Kathryn Menke Miller

Formerly the Kathryn Menke Miller Community Service Award & Scholarship, the scholarship was established in 1985 and is given in memory of one of our members, Kathryn Menke Miller. Kathryn was the “epitone of a hardworking, caring, and loving volunteer.” Her greatest accomplishments were assisting our community’s children and her dedication to our public education system. This scholarship is presented annually to a total of two female high school seniors in the Miami-Dade County Public School System.

The Junior League of Miami Scholarship – Funded by The Uppaluri Family Foundation

This scholarship was established in 2015. Mr. and Mrs. Uppaluri came to the United States individually to further their education. Because of the education they received and their hard work, they were able to succeed in their respective careers and are now in a position to give back to the community that has given them so much. Mr. and Mrs. Uppaluri strongly believe that the opportunity to get a higher education is a privilege and want to give this opportunity to hard working students in the Miami-Dade Public School System. The Uppaluri Family Foundation will provide funds for one Junior League of Miami Scholarship annually, with a possibility to receive further funding for three consecutive years upon reapplication. The funds will be provided in the following manner:

Year 1: $3,000 (new scholarship)

Year 2 – 4: Additional $2,000/year scholarship for Year 1 recipient (annual re-application required)

The Junior League of Miami Scholarship – On Behalf of Mary Bradley Shafey

This scholarship was established in 2020 by Mary Bradley Shafey to recognize a deserving young woman in our community who plans to pursue a career in nursing. As a registered Nurse and a past President of the Junior League of Miami Foundation, Mary is passionate about providing the education and pathway for a student who is both compassionate and resilient in her spirit. During her years in the hospital, Mary personally experienced the transformative nature of nursing and the important role it holds in a patient’s care. Mary believes in the powerful combination of modern medicine and the human element. This scholarship is intended for a student who shares the same perspective of nursing as both an art and a science. Nurses are needed to care for our country’s aging population and Mary’s generosity in providing this nursing scholarship is greatly appreciated. This $1,000 scholarship is presented annually.


In order to be considered for one of the four scholarships awarded by the Junior League of Miami, a two-part process needs to be followed:

  • Part One: One (1) candidate is selected by the CAP advisor from each school for recognition.
  • Part Two: Four (4) candidates are then selected by the Junior League of Miami from the pool of nominees to receive one (1) Scholarship each. To be eligible for the scholarship, the applicant must submit The Junior League of Miami Scholarship Application Packet including the Scholarship Application, Community Service Supervisor Recommendation Form, and Candidate Submittal Form. You can access the forms through the below buttons.


Each CAP advisor should select ONE (1) graduating female senior from each Miami-Dade public high school that meets the criteria stated below:

  • Minimum 3.0 academic grade point average
  • Minimum 3.0 conduct grade point average
  • Be a South Florida resident
  • Complete the Florida Financial Aid Application by high school graduation
  • Earn a standard Florida high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Not have been found guilty of, or pled nolo contendere to, a felony charge, unless the student has been granted clemency by the Governor and Cabinet sitting as the Executive Office of Clemency.
  • Be enrolled for at least 6 semester credit hours (or the equivalent in quarter or clock hours).
  • Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The student’s FAFSA does not have to indicate need; however, must be complete and processed error free prior to a student’s first disbursement of an award.
  • Meet the Community Service requirement for the desired award level, as described below: *GSV initial eligibility requirements include the completion of 30 hours of community service

Once the student is identified, the CAP advisor should inform the candidate that they have been selected and that they are now eligible to apply for the Junior League of Miami Scholarship. The candidate will automatically be recognized as a Junior League of Miami Scholarship nominee.



In order to be considered for one (1) of the four (4) Scholarships awarded by the Junior League of Miami, the candidate must complete The Junior League of Miami Scholarship Application Packet no later than December 15,2022.
*If the candidate is selected to receive the Junior League of Miami Scholarship, the candidate may be expected to attend a recognition ceremony as a guest of honor. Additional details regarding the scholarship presentation will be made available as needed.
For questions about the submission deadline and for additional information on The Junior League of Miami Scholarship, please contact the Scholarship Committee at: scholarship@jlmiami.org.